Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Organic as it relates to several aspects of life

Greetings ET's

First things first. I never did get around to finishing off what I started last week, so let's just say Friday was frondiferous.

Glad I got that off my chest.

I've posted a lot on message boards and written out my own personal credo in my journals on how I go about writing a novel. Now it's time to officially share with the Universe.

For me writing is an organic process, meaning I allow my stories and characters to develop in as natural a way as possible.

Allow me to elaborate.

Mr. Author dude wakes up one morning and has a concept for a novel. Pixies are secretly taking over the 7-11, or an alcoholic estranged uncle discovers he has the power to make perfectly good soda go flat. Anything as long as it hasn't been overdone by one of those writers who have reached the point in their careers that they could type the member list of their local Masonic lodge, submit it, and it would still get picked up and placed on the front tables of every B & N or Borders on the planet and probably sell a bajillion copies.

So, providing I'm not in the middle of something, like sticking metal skewers up my nose or polishing my collection of turtle shells, I sit down at my decades old computer and begin typing.

That's it!

No outline, no months of research, no lengthy analysis of the meaning of names and how they relate to my main characters.

Just start typing the fucking thing.

The trick is to get a good first line. Something that doesn't have the word "was" in it. Something that when read, makes a reader go, "Fuck, I wonder what's going to happen on page 354?" Something like: It's not easy being the only person on the planet capable of unassisted flight.

Between 6-9 months later if all goes according to plan, I should have a healthy, happy, bouncing, baby first draft. Or as I like to call it, an 80 to 100 thousand word outline.

That's step one. If I don't totally slack off this week, there will be more written about some of the other things involved in the gestation period. Those hours and hours of slaving away before I can finally sit back and say, "I guess now I should write a query letter."

God, don't get me started on those things.

That's all
Hee Haw

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