Monday, June 9, 2008 worry?

Greetings Extraterrestrials:


I need to rectify something in my shout out to PDTP last week. Just as I predicted I forgot to mention JMK (that's JerryMagicKobe for those of you about to cut a vein). Please forgive my feeble mind. I have no excuses for my actions, they are unforgivable.

Moving on...

So you're looking down on this tiny planet of ours and you've gotten the impression that things are pretty fucked up down here. Entire regions of the world trying to wipe each other out pretty much for no other reason than financial gain. Despite dire warnings, the blatant abuse of natural resources continues, again strictly for financial gain, with no regard for the future. Torture and social injustice on the masses by heartless rulers abound, and the fucking Celtics are up two games to none on the Lakers. My response is simply "It's nothing we can't handle. We're fine. Really. Seriously. No need to jump in and try and save us or, probably more likely, wipe the whole stain out and start all over again. Let's everyone calm the fuck down let things work themselves out."

So... what does CH do when confronted with these and other crises du jour? Well, If you're here looking for answers to these problems and any others that may be weighing heavily on your hearts, then I'll tell you right now, this isn't where you'll find them. When Charlie Horse finds himself confronted with matters of a serious nature, he slips on his headphones and immerses himself into his little word of fictional tales and absurdities. The time for inaction is now. When it comes to the world's problems, for today anyway, I'll deal with them later.

Well, you say...

But gee willikers dude, isn't that the wrong approach? Shouldn't we be trying to do what we can to make our planet a better place to live? To try and avert the dire predictions on the future consequences of our careless actions? Shouldn't everyone be trying to do their part?

Of course.

And for my part, I think I'll try and stay out of the way for a little while. Yeah, I'm trying to drive my car less, trying to recycle, trying to eat local, trying to understand my fellow humans and all the multitudinous ways in which we live according to the customs we were brought up with. But in all fairness to me, which is really what this is all about, I've learned that sometimes no matter how hard you try, if you're bucking the master plan for the universe there's nothing you can do.

The trick as I see it is to figure out as much as possible how you as an individual can best fit into the plan. Figure out your part.

Here's my belief system in a nutshell. God, or whatever you want to call the all powerful entity that created this show, is like the composor of a great symphony. And as we all know, the composor has no control over how good or bad the performing musicians are. That part's enitrely up to them and to some extent the conductor.

Who's the conductor, you ask? Well, as is true in some instances, the composer conducts his own piece. So the the conductor could be this same higher authority of whom I'm speaking (notice the gender neutrality). But I believe the conductor could be something else entirely. Perhaps this is what I commonly refer to as our collective consciousness. The energy built up over eternity that guides us without our even being aware of it's existence. But no matter what, there will always be those screwoffs in the percussion section who just aren't paying attention and those few that no matter how hard they try, can't seem to play in tune to save a boxful of cute little kittens.

Okay, I'll stop now and leave you all with this one suggestion. Take it to the hole and guard the three-point line. Oh, and don't let something you can't control like bad officiating affect your game. Be strong, persevere, and stick to what you've been doing all season long that got you here in the first place.

Hee Haw

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