Tuesday, October 26, 2010

So What If...

What if our entire universe is no more than a microbe on the ass of some being so big it's beyond our comprehension. Now right at this very second I would bet my last wooden nickel that when you read that sentence you tried to imagine the illusion I created, and that, perhaps, is my goal. To help people, through the use of words and thought, think about aspects of existence that perhaps they wouldn't have otherwise. If that's the case--if you tried to imagine the unimaginable--then good deal. Maybe I'm on the right track.

But here's the thing. The illusion I just created is unimaginable. Like I said: beyond our comprehension. So why even try? The only answer I have for that is it must be something in our nature to want to understand the bigger picture; the one that eludes even the most brilliant of minds on the planet. Will a time ever come when we, as human beings, ever understand the bigger picture? Does anyone really care? Will we ever know it if we do? And what's in those cup o' noodles things that look like vegetables?

No wonder I don't sleep at night.

Hee Haw

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